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Payment is recurring, so as long as this member is active in the club,

you will receive US$ 1.20 monthly


 = US$ 1.20

If a person subscribes to Club Blocks via your link,

of US $ 4.99 which is the monthly fee paid

for this subscriber, you receive US$ 1.20 for referral.

1 active subscriber

10 active subscribers

50 active subscribers

100 active subscribers

500 active subscribers

1000 active subscribers



1 x $ 1.20

10 x $ 1.20

50 x $ 1.20

100 x $ 1.20

500 x $ 1.20

1000 x $ 1.20


x US$ 1.20

US$ 1.20

US$ 12.00

US$ 60.00

US$ 120.00

US$ 600.00

US$ 1,200.00

Number of



Work without leaving home;

Affiliate with the world's first and only Revit Subscription Club;

Promote in 3 languages: Portuguese (R$ 5.10) English (US$ 1.20) & Spanish (1.20 €);

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As long as your referral subscriber is active at the Club, you will be commissioned monthly.

Rules and Regulations

1. Spam:

Spamming is not allowed;

2. Impersonation of a Blocks Revit employee is prohibited: 

If you pass off as a Blocks Revit employee, partner or staff member, the subscription will be terminated. Block Revit affiliate must use an "affiliate" tittle.

3. Offering any type of extra benefit not endorsed by Blocks Revit is prohibited:

Offering a discount, bonus or benefit that is not being offered by Blocks Revit as a global product strategy is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.

4. ADS with specific keywords:

Use Google and Bing Ads to buy any type of keyword that is minimally similar to the name of the product, company or company owner, that is, terms like "Family Subscription", "Blocks Revit" and " Bárbara Pavanello ", or similar are not permitted.

5. Using domains that pass through the official website.

Using domains that pass as an official website, as well as cloning the page of the website or any similar practice, or creation of websites promoting our product must be authorized in advance and must make it clear that it is a Blocks affiliate website.

6. Denigration of the image of the product:

Denigrating the image of the product, producer or brand is prohibited and will result in immediate suspension. 


Is my commission paid right away?
Yes, all through Hotmart. After the payment confirm the money goes directly into your account.

What is an Affiliate?
An Affiliate is someone who wants to receive commissions to promote other people's products.

More information available clicking here.

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