Unlock Weekly Collections

Stay more updated!

What is unlocking collections?

We know that anxiety to anticipate the next weekly collections can be big, and it was with this in mind that we created this service to Unlock more Collections!


With this service, you can receive more weekly collections that have already been produced and keep your subscription in line with the latest releases.

You choose

The amount of weeks you would like to unlock is up to you!

weekly collections


Release the next 4 weeks with 100 Revit families

US$ 9,98

weekly collections


Release the next 8 weeks with 200 Revit families

US$ 19,96

weekly collections


Release 12 more weeks with 300 RFA files

US$ 29,94

weekly collections

All the 

Release all collections already launched

US$ 64,99

To help you, we have a tip: access the platform and see how many collections you still have to unlock. After that, just choose how many weeks you would like to release!

After the purchase, it will be updated and available to download within 24 hours by the Blocks Revit team.

Blocked Collections

Unblocked Collections


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