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Blocks Revit

Leader in developing RFA families for interior design.

The company was created by architect Bárbara Pavanello and operates in the Architecture and Interiors market with a focus on BIM technology.

After 6 years of experience and improvement, it was in 2019 that Blocks launched the first Subscription Club for Revit in the world, which consists of the weekly development of 25 parametric families for high-quality interiors, with a focus on meeting the needs students and professionals working in the Architecture and Interiors area.

Quality and innovation have led the company to attract subscribers in more than 50 countries since the launch of the subscription club, which is why the entire Blocks team is always doing its best. It is our pleasure to see this family grow up!


Get to know the Blocks Revit team

Barbara Pavanello

Founder of Blocks Revit ,

Architect and certified as Autodesk Revit Architecture Professional

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The professionals on the Blocks Revit team are certified or mentored by professionals with official Autodesk certification. All files developed by are cleaned in the Guardian Autodesk Project Assistant, and the thumbnail preview pattern is done in the P.I.G.



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RFA Files

Development Assistant

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International Content


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Erick Mark

Member of Blocks Revit,  Axiom company, Revit professor and BIM coordinator in Spain

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Quality Advisor, Architect

and Urbanist

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RFA files


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