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🥰​ Hi guys, how are you?

I'm here to invite you to visit the Blocks Revit Family Subscription Club, it's super cool because they develop all the families 100% in Revit, it's all parametric and with applied texture!

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Inf. Geral

👉🏼Be a member of the most amazing subscription club for Revit in the world.⠀


✔Get 100 families per month.

✔100% BIM parametric files.

✔A monthly subscription of US$ 4.99


No cancellation fees. ⠀

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🎉Hey guys, who here has downloaded the free families on the Blocks Revit website?

It has nice BIM content and they are always updating the list!

Free Download:

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Blocks Revit Collections

🤩 I can't believe that all these families are made in Revit. Incredible!

All that you can see is produced 100% in Revit by Blocks Revit!

For those who want to see more:

[your link]


👩🏻‍💻Project developed and rendered in Revit! @ [Author of the project] is a member of the Blocks Signature Club and is using families in this project!

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Pia Paramétrica de Revit

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